Calico Creek
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Horse Boarding, Las Vegas

We are a family owned facility and start from the beginning. Safety is our number one priority!!!!

This is our heaven and getaway from the stresses of life! We love to have fun and we are continuouusly advancing. Our style of training is to build our horses confidence, so that they will want to work for you and try! (natural horsemanship) We have happy, happy horses, as there is always something going on and they are not bored! We encorage "like minded" horsemanship and are happy to schedule a meeting to see if we will be a match! Feel free to call to schedule an appointment and happy trails.

Calico Creek Stables
2200 moreno rd, Las Vegas, NV 89161

We are predominately trail riders, and by far with no doubt, have the best and most scenic trails in the Las Vegas Area!


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